Talent. Talent. Talent.

A Little Bit About Us
Talent is at the heart of everything we do.
We’ve put together a team of talented and passionate individuals from around the globe.

Our Values


Learning ignites creativity, and creativity drives innovation.


Delivering with urgency and excellence today fuels new possibilities tomorrow.


By removing the fear of failure, there are no limits to what we can accomplish.


Leading our clients today by being the visionaries of tomorrow.


Building long-lasting value through shared goals and commitments.


Celebrating the human element in everything we do helps create meaningful connections.

Life as an Xer

That’s what we call ourselves: Xers. And it’s a name that means a lot.
Here’s a little sampling of what life as an Xer is like:

Hard Work. Serious Fun

When you have a bunch of people collaborating while doing what they love, work is part of the fun. We enjoy every minute of what we do and are rewarded for it through joy deposits, our annual company rager, and by almost winning the local kickball league.

Family First

Being an Xer is like being a part of a big family, which is why we have events like our office-wide Thanksgiving week lunch. But we know you also have a family waiting for you at home. Part of the reason our retention rate shatters the industry average is because of our generous time-off package, four weeks paid leave for new parents, financial assistance if you decide to adopt, and most importantly, pets are always welcome.

Joy Deposits

Joy deposits AKA Random Acts of Cartwright (He’s our COO.) are just one of the things that make life as an Xer special. You may come into the agency on hump day and be greeted by a camel. On other days, you may be serenaded by a Gaelic band while you work, or you may even be called into a meeting in our theatre only to walk into a mid-summer snowball fight. It’s pretty special, and if you were wondering, the answer is yes. The camel did drop a number two right in front of our CEO’s door.


Jessica Hendrix

President & CEO
CrossFit is her thing. Seriously, she starts her day with burpees and pull ups.

Jim Cartwright

Chief Operating Officer
Starts each day with a nap at 4:15 AM. Swears he feels more rested because of it.

Mauriahh Beezley

VP Group Creative Director
Her mom could be her twin. Honest. They look just alike.

Lela Davidson

VP, Account Leadership & Client Partnership

She’s an accomplished essayist and really knows a thing or two about stories.

Brian McMullen

VP, General Manager

Nicholas Sammer

VP, Client Partnership & Brand Strategy
His favorite TV show is Golden Girls. But you’ll have to ask him yourself which character is his favorite.

Erin Campbell

VP, Strategy

Amanda Rogers

VP, Operations
A Jennifer Aniston movie she saw in college inspired her to pursue a career in advertising. Thanks Jen,
we owe you one.

Ellis Collins

Sr. VP Production Services
Don’t be surprised if you see him walking around town late at night in his PJs, he’s probably sleepwalking.

Melissa Newport

VP, Finance

She’s seen the world from every angle — really. Four continents, over 20 countries, from camel backs and hot air balloon baskets.

Join Our Team

Become an Xer

We’re always looking to add some special talent to our family.
Take a look at our openings, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for reach out to our talent team.

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